Airport security research paper thesis

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InTV personality Adam Savage unintentionally managed to get two 12" long razor blades through security[1]. Airport Security VI. Although the dates have been changed the theme is the same.

Although the total number in the Federal Air Marshal Service FAMS is classified, air marshals typically work undercover in teams and, by law, are required to be on every flight considered high risk 49 U.

Sparapani, Timothy D. September , immediately grounded all international flights to and from the U. Flight training providers must verify citizenship and confirm that background checks have been properly completed by the TSA before providing training to foreign nationals see Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] Part Since the threat of global terrorism does not seem like it is going to fade away in the nearest future, there is no real alternative to security measures that exist currently; therefore, people and civic rights organizations, protesting against the use of these methods should either consider the risks of not checking all the people boarding on a plane, or come up with innovative security methods and procedures that would not infringe on human rights. Training for the second part of the security force would include extensive familiarization with the technologies used to monitor activity in the airport including both hardware and software components. In , an undercover TSA agent was able to successfully pass through the scanners with a handgun in her underwear, repeatedly[2] Efforts remain underway to integrate bulky EDS machines into airport baggage handling systems to improve the efficiency of screening the large amount of checked baggage processed at U. Sheer magnitude of a security force is not necessarily a measure of its success, however, and large forces have the potential to create other problems and complications in the safe and effective operating of a given airport. There was a loss of 22 billion dollars because the terrorist attack International Air Transport Association, n. Security-related airspace restrictions affecting general aviation operators are most prevalent in the Washington, DC, area, where the city is encircled by a mile-radius flight-restricted zone FRZ in which general aviation operations are significantly limited, and a larger special flight rules area SFRA where pilots must strictly adhere to special air traffic control procedures Title 49 CFR Part

Specifically, it dives into the history of the airport. As a result, the TSA increased the use of full-body scanners to replace metal detectors. The aviation industry faces threats at each step of the journey, but assessing the risks properly will help deter and mitigate these threats The second part of the security personnel force would remain largely unseen, monitoring and analyzing information from various technological and first-force sources to determine efficient deployment of resources by identifying areas and individuals of high-risk and thereby streamlining security processes and methods on the ground McLay et al.

Airport security research paper thesis

Airport security systems may include closed circuit television CCTV cameras, infrared sensors and thermal imaging cameras, computer vision systems to detect and alert security personnel regarding possible threats, ground surveillance radar, ground vehicle tracking, and integrated security solutions to tie together assorted sensors and surveillance technologies. They may have also check cargo for illegal items. Because of these risks the Federal Government and their agencies must take steps to minimize this from happening. Besides, these images cannot be stored, faces are blurred, and the scanner operator never knows neither the identity nor face of any passenger that has been scanned The Hill. These security measures have caused massive protests from civil rights organizations and citizens, who assessed them as a serious privacy violation of passengers—a rude intrusion of their personal space. Background checks and security threat assessments are required for all workers with access to air cargo, including an estimated 51, off -airport employees of freight forwarding companies. The car was packed, there were 5 of us and 12 luggage bags, though it was not uncomfortable. Anyone who has flown recently has discovered that at most airports when you want to get your boarding pass, you must show a picture identification. However, the TSA has now implemented a system called Secure Flight, under which airlines provide passenger data, including items such as address and date of birth, to the TSA, which checks this information against the lists and notifies the airlines electronically of a match. Sparapani, Timothy D. Lawmakers expressed considerable concern over low wages and high turnover rates among contract airport screeners. For every security guards job it depends on where they live and work.

There has been considerable interest in implementing biometric credentials for airport access controls. Congress learned that in Canada and in several European countries, both passenger screening and physical security of the airport property were instead the responsibility of airport operators, or in some cases government security forces, and not the airlines.

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