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Extra note: This has almost nothing to do with the book, but every time I would see the word beastly I would think about how for awhile people would say that to substitute cool or awesome. Of course he becomes the lovable, perfect guy in the end who falls for the ordinary girl that every girl reading this book thinks she is. I wish I had copied down the quote, but I really liked the line that Lindy says. She is Adrian's last chance to break the spell before his two years are up. Kyle and his friends are rich, shallow, and obsessed with beauty. Despite a bit of cheesiness I thoroughly enjoyed reading how Kyle changes to Adrian, and how beauty is more than skin deep. Then I whip my head around and see I do the same thing like everyone else! Adrian has two years to break the witch's spell by falling in love and being loved sincerely despite physical appearances.

Someone has to love him, and more importantly he has to love them back. We are privileged to do the work we do, and are continually thankful for the generosity and support from you, our loyal readers, listeners and friends.

Kyle Kingsbury seems to have everything and anything you would want. A main character is almost the victim of an apparent rape. Kyle finds true love after he completely rejects his former superficial ways; of course his life depends on it. Searching for streaming and purchasing options And before he turns into a beast, Kyle is one mean, shallow rich guy who delights in verbally kicking the nerds until they hurt. Linda, who dislikes Kyle initially because he kidnapped her, soon starts to warm up to him. Thanks for all of your research and persistence in helping us navigate through stormy waters. After a year of being in this state, and trying and failing to find love, Kyle changes his name to Adrian, meaning "the dark one", to reflect his feelings of being a completely different person from the conceited, materialistic boy he used to be. With his sense of entitlement he doesn't mind gloating and shining his ego on others, and he might as well crush other people's self-esteem while he's at it. Plugged In has become a significant compass for our family. A man threatens and points a gun at the girl he loves and the beast attacks him to save her. She loves the roses in the greenhouse. Final verd So this book has been around for awhile and my sister actually had read it when it first came out and when I asked her how she liked it she said, "It was interesting but kind of cheesy with the internal dialogue. Two weeks later, when Linda doesn't return, Kyle sees through his magic mirror that she is being attacked by a man.

She falls in love with the beast, but his money and wish fulfillment probably don't hurt. Kyle's superficial father keeps Kyle hidden in a mansion with a maid named Magda and a blind tutor named Will.

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The only way he can turn back to normal is if he truly loves a girl and gets her to love him in return, proving the love with a kiss. When I saw who was playing Lindy, though, I was majorly disappointed. He explains everything to Linda and the two go back and live in the apartment together. At first, Pilot feels uncomfortable around Kyle but as the time passes, he starts to become fond of him.

Kyle Kingsbury seems to have everything and anything you would want.

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Anderson and the Support Group Members are members of a special online support group for people who have gone through transformations. She also is disguised as Magda, the Kingsbury's maid, to serve and, at the same time, spy on Kyle during his two years as a beast. This always happen to me, I think, It's going to be made into a movie?

When Linda's father falls ill, Kyle lets her go home saying that she could return to his mansion again, this time as a friend.

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He is attacked by subway passengers and lashes out at them. Oh I gotta read that.

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