Drama in education

My students love the role-playing, improvising and process drama techniques I have incorporated into my lessons, as it creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for learning.

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Participants will also be asked to publish a presentation about themselves, their professional context and their culture. The expertise of the faculty provided me with a solid theoretical and practical foundation to facilitate meaningful arts-based lessons and shift the way the arts are integrated in classrooms in my own country.

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Developing communication, collaboration, presentation, problem solving, negotiation, critical and creative thinking skills. Improving the ability to use innovative and student-centered pedagogical approaches.

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I was provided with a very supportive tutor, who guided me through my thesis and answered any questions I had. B: Fortunately, I found one yesterday A: Gee, that's great Teacher's typology The personality of a teacher influences the use of drama in lessons. Continuous Professional Development Interested participants who do not wish to take the summer school programme for formal academic credit leading to the award of a Postgraduate Diploma or Masters degree, may attend the 2 week intensive summer school as a form of continuous professional development CPD , and be awarded a CPD certificate from the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin. These various labels are indicative of the range of the work and of the possible confusions that can arise. Improving the ability to use innovative and student-centered pedagogical approaches. By specifically targeting an area for a particular age group in a school's personal, social and health education curriculum.

The production must be portable and the design of the production will be simple and representational. Now each person in an each group as to write down or remembers some words associated with the theme, e. Enhancing professional skills through acquisition of versatile drama conventions and ability to structure them in order to reach envisaged learning outcomes.

During the summer school period, workshops, lectures and seminars are also held during many of the evenings and on both Saturdays.

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Drama in Education