Empowerment of girl child is empowering essay

Socio-political rights right to work, right to education, right to decide for themselves, etc for the women were completely restricted by the male members of family.

Empowering women may easily help to grow each and every member of the family without any extra effort. With such state of affairs, it would be a fallacy to dream about the goals of sustainable development and gender equality.

The male dominance prevails in the politics of India and women are forced to remain mute spectators. Low education rate among women have kept them away from main workforce, resulting in their social and economical deterioration.

This concept of equality should be first developed in each and every household and from there, it should be taken to the society. If u aim to empower women you will be an indirect force to empower a family.

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Empowerment of girl child is empowering essay

Conclusion In order to really bring women empowerment in the Indian society, it needs to understand and eliminate the main cause of the ill practices against women which are patriarchal and male dominated system of the society. Women Empowerment Essay 2 words According to the provisions of the Constitution of India, it is a legal point to grant equality to women in the society in all spheres just like male. The scheme provides a universal emergency number across the country for women in distress. Women have been given a special place in every religion which is working as a big curtain covering the eyes of people and help in the continuation of many ill practices including physical and mental against women as a norm since ages. The skewed sex ratio and the high infant mortality rate are as much a cause as an effect of the disparity in educational opportunities between boys and girls. What is gender gap? In urban India girls are at par with boys in terms of education but they significantly lag behind in rural areas.

B Nayar — empowerment is an aid to help women to achieve equality with men or at least to reduce gender gap considerably. The scheme provides a universal emergency number across the country for women in distress. For the success of any person,,education plays an important role.

In its effort to create a closer link between education and the life of people, the NPE had envisaged a two-pronged strategy: First, the removal of disparities in access and the second the equalisation of opportunities through affirmative action programmes.

Long Essay on Women Empowerment — 7 words Introduction Women empowerment can be defined in very simple words that it is making women powerful so that they can take their own decisions regarding their lives and well being in the family and society.

A house maker can anytime be a corporate leader! Women need to be empowered instead of treating as a helpless victim of male chauvinism.

essay on empowerment of girl child
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Women Empowerment: Article, Essay, Importance, Right & Need