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The programme is designed to encourage students to use and learn English in British culture. Date Added: Author: yasmin Thanks for the answer Date Added: Author: Barjo kaur i want learn nglish because it is neccessary for our life Date Added: Author: Mathias Marcus Am founding allot of difficulty to speak English though am in the country's premier university- university of Papua New Guinea.

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Date Added: Author: praveen acharya good display english Date Added: Author: Gulfraz i wana learn english. Have you noticed an increase in the use of English in your country? In such a situation, employees with good command on the language are at an advantage. English can open your world Date Added: Author: Asad Daudy English is safe the time and if it is not most spoken language in the world but it is international language in the cosmos One example of this is in respect of word order and the ability to phrase sentences as active or passive e. How did it become so important and widespread? Date Added: Author: sangita ghimire there are many importance of English language. Communication is very important in today's time; English provides the medium for all the cultures to communicate through books, movies, plays, internet or other resources. Date Added: Author: Julia Robert It is very difficult to convey points properly to the listener, if you don't make your mind before speaking something in English. Western universities are attracting more and more visiting scholars, students and professors from all around the world, and their common working language is English. Can anyone help me me? Date Added: Author: afaf English is hard language but we all suppose to know English. In a lot of ways, that time is already here.

Knowing how to read English will allow you access to billions of pages of information which may not be otherwise available! Therefore, my poor vocabulary, my grammar, my improper sentence structure, all this factors make me struggled on the exam, and make me did bad compare to others.

ESS - Sri Lanka Date Added: Author: Waseel Ahmad no doubt other languages have there own importance but English language is the need of hour because it has become international language so we should recognized its importance Date Added: Author: Eastbourne School of Engish Hello Arzoo - come and learn English with us!

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Take an entertaining quiz. Date Added: Author: praveen acharya good display english Date Added: Author: Gulfraz i wana learn english. It motivates the readers in all the way to learn this language.

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Date Added: Author: Rothai The points which were given is good. Therefore, one who has a good knowledge of English has access to all the sources of information. We love to hear your comments! It is used in business and trade all over the world, and in places like Europe, it is spoken widely outside of business. Date Added: Author: johnson I was learning English when I was working at the one of companies in Singapore. In German, each verb has 16 different forms Latin has a possible ! But why? Date Added: Author: Regy English is one of the global language, but Spanish language is the best Though the people know the value of this language their intention is not of learning it. In a lot of ways, that time is already here. Date Added: Author: jayanti English is an international language Date Added: Author: Faisal kalagari I really appreciate. I have to get a C1 level of English because I want to study in England next year.
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Speak English Center 5 Reasons Why Is English The “Global Language” of Today