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It is very popular with young people. Health and fitness of any person helps in: Decreases the risk of diseases high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, colon cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, stroke, breast cancer, etc.

By giving them regular exercises, you can manage their weights and keep their muscles in good condition to help avoid bone and joint diseases. Together with the healthy food and physical activities we need to maintain cleanliness in our home and surrounding areas including our personal cleanliness.

These are two types of fitness levels at the same age.

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However, the maintenance of health and fitness requires regular physical exercise with balanced diet. We should take our fitness as the matter of every-day routine.

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Your comments and suggestions will serve as an inspiration and learning platform for me. In a business sense this relates to "a set of ideas, policies and practices which management adopt in order to achieve a people management objective" in studying Internet Writing - How to keep one's attention using the internet as the medium words - 3 pages The problem presented in today's Internet is how to maintain the audiences' attention long enough for them to receive our message.

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Make them feel better both, physically and mentally. A valid explanation is that society has different expectations for acceptable male and female behaviors, which ultimately ends is How Atticus in To Kill A Mockingbird does not fit the stereotypes of the community words - 5 pages perspectives. We shall now examine the physical and mental dynamics of keeping fit mentally and physically. So we do not eat proper food our body does not get the required nutrients. It is very important that we maintain our health and fitness so that we can stay healthy, fit, without fear of different diseases and also get all of the numerous benefits that come along with a healthy living. My teacher said that I run quickly and from this moment I started to visit this sport section. Being healthy is not only a body free of diseases, but it also means to have a tensionless mind. Conclusion: Health and fitness is definitely important in the lives of individuals. If we want to remain very fit and healthy, the best way we can do that is through relieving our mind of all forms of stress through eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. An unhealthy person cannot enjoy life in full extent. One must devote at least some of the day for exercises. Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy so that the person is able to tackle the demands of the surrounding environment. In order to get fit and healthy, good sleeping pattern is very necessary for any person. For millions of people around the world, regular exercise is now part of their daily lives.

Accepting the challenge is the first step into health and fitness. Also, taking meals in the right property is a big part of keeping fit. It could also lead to serious health challenges such as depression and other mental illness.

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Therefore we should have at least six to eight hours of sleep every day. You sit on the floor, look at the screen and the only part f your body that moves is your thumb. After researching several websites over the holidays, I have found one that I believe was built on these Ben Franklin: How did the Enlightenment and Great Awakening influence him?

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The trends in health and fitness are continuous and people strive to achieve both in their lives. After classes I had another life. One must devote at least some of the day for exercises. We should be able to get enough exercise that would be ideal for us to stay fit. Health is defined as the state of wellbeing in which a person is free from illness and injury. The rule was people tended to stay within whatever class they were born into. We should eat green and fresh vegetables, milk, fresh fruits, egg, etc. Avoid those bad habits that will not only ruin your body and mind but also influence badly on the others around you, both mentally and physically. We do not get enough sleep, we are very likely to suffer from a variety of mental disorders and sleep disorders. For instance, we may have a tendency to catch a cold easily.
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Essay on Health and Fitness: 8 Selected Essays on Health and Fitness