Essay timetable

Decide on the major tasks for each of your deadlines, and roughly how long you need to spend on each. Once you know these important dates, they need to go down in your calendar. To start this, firstly I need to find the past research which is related to my studies and try to use it to guide me as long as my research is running.

If you find you don't need all the time you've allotted, it's extra free time. Allocate extra time Remember - things usually take longer than you think!

There are some very good free mobile apps that you can use to stay organised. Build in some extra time. With multiple separate lists, you can organise all the areas of your life in one place and get reminders and push notifications.

Rather than finding yourself a week before a deadline with only three available days, you will have prepared for this in advance.

how to make a study timetable and stick to it

Be generous in your time allocation. If you know it will take up your entire day or maybe even a few, block this time out right away.

time table for study for a student at home

Think, 'if I'm going out this night I've got to finish this before I go out. Then you will have time to edit and check your work before submitting it. Source: Giphy You might be spending the majority of your week in lectures, or you might be scheduled down for a study stint in the library — it all depends on your subject and level of study.

study timetable for college students
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Planning your time : Skills Hub: University of Sussex