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White himself will be present at the conference discussions as well as participate in a question-and-answer session. Nov 15, Zacharygs rated it really liked it Good selection of essay, first few are rather outstanding.

White borrows the idea of tropes and their sundry uses from Harold Bloom, who suggests that a trope is the linguistic equivalent of a psychological mechanism of defense. Hence, the pattern is set; the theorists are aligned or where they are not, they at least offer an alternative and complimentary look at one another.

Indeed, Richard Vann, the longtime editor of the journal History and Theory, has called White "perhaps the premier academic essayist of our times. The keynote speaker for the colloquium is Fredric Jameson of Duke University, one of the most prominent American literary critics writing today and the author of 20 books on literary theory, Marxist thought, visual culture, and cultural theory.

Marx regards the problem of history as the problem of the mode of explanation, while, for Nietzsche, the problem is the problem of the mode of emplotment. Davisalleging the illegal expenditure of public funds in connection with covert intelligence gathering by police at UCLA.

Between History and Narrative: A Colloquium to Honor Hayden White April 16, Groundbreaking Historian and Humanist Honored by Scholars from Around the World "All stories are fictions," wrote Hayden White, one of the most influential and revolutionary thinkers in the humanities in the last 40 years, known for going beyond the surface level of historical text to a deeper structural level of linguistic form.

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Nevertheless, White's books and articles are standard reading in history and humanities courses. The Humanities Project emphasizes the influence on and contributions of the humanities to academic and civil life. Giambattista Vico, G. We thrive on questions perhaps even more than we thrive on answers, and it is namely the more problematic issues--culture, society, and history, among others--that intrigue and baffle us.

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Tropics of Discourse: Essays in Cultural Criticism by Hayden White