Head and neck anatomy essay questions

Fibers from the medial side of each eye cross at the Optic Chiasm, to join the Optic Tract on the opposite side. Cervical part of sympathetic chain 89 If there is ever brain hemorrhage, pressure from excess CSF can damage the Abducens nerve.

It houses visceral sensory cell bodies for the Vagus nerve. Fractures that affect the facial skeleton: La Fort 1: A horizontal fracture through the maxilla, at the base of alveolar process i.

Cavernous sinus: Relations and communications 86, 90, 91, 9. It is found just anterior to the ear, superficial to the zygomatic arch. The rest of the maxilla remains attached to the zygomatic bone.

important questions for bds 1st year anatomy

This portion of nerve is not properly called the Optic Nerve. Fibers from the lateral side of each eye do not cross at the Optic Chiasm, but instead join the Optic Tract directly on their own side. The maxillary artery arises from the external carotid artery at which of the following points?

It passes toward the tongue medial to the posterior belly of the Digastric muscle. Recurrent laryngeal nerve: Surgical anatomy

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Head and neck anatomy