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By nature Rabindranath was a poet of susceptible mind and a humanist in particular. Gangulee, N. This is no doubt a spectacular gesture by Tagore for the poor villagers. To be specific the poor peasantry, weavers class and similar working class people are the victims of such exploitation. The dark knighthood: The British were overwhelmed by the genius of Tagore. A lot of his works were translated before the First World War. After the war ended, Tagore was offered the knighthood by the royalty. This encouragement, which continued throughout his formative years, caused his talent to flourish. He may have achieved his great and lasting popularity just because he was a poet of hope. And for this I staked everything. Here are the incredible social reforms by Rabindranath Tagore: 1. RR, vol. It is sometimes said that Rabindranath was the last of the great traditional Indian poets. Fact is Rabindranath was born of metropolitan culture which exceptionally flourished in Tagore family Thakurbadi with different flavor of liberalism and modernity. As a poet he was thus different from his contemporaries.

He even imported quality maize seeds from America for the local peasants. Apart from paddy cultivation, he inspired the peasants to take up maize cultivation. And when he was 11, his father took him on a trip to upper India and the Himalaya Mountains. Rabindranath Tagore: a th birth anniversary volume, Calcutta: Govt.

Although Tagore wrote successfully in all literary genres, he was first of all a poet. The result was positive.

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Yet his first encounter with rural Bengal, particularly with rural life of greater East Bengal came to him as a surprise. Subsequently, he was shocked by the rising nationalism found in Germany and other nations prior to the World War II. Rabindranath is a pioneer in this field with its liberal features.

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For example, the name Visva Bharati connotes the place where the whole world would come, meet, and interact with our Indian ideas and thoughts and in turn would produce finer gems of thoughts and knowledge of universal value and significance.

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Sketching Tagore as a Social Activist and Social Reformer