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Conclusion Parents should know and realize that charity begins at home so it is the duty of every parent to imbibe the quality of compassion in the kids.

Whether it be domestic abuse, child abandonment, or social else. The customers of UrgentEssayWriting. It is during the school life, the quality of social service and compassion can be imbibed among the students.

We are too, some of these members. Mother Teresa was one such social worker who took the trouble of these people as her own. Gone are the days when there was long one Thakur in a village who enjoyed all the luxuries of life and the others around him lived in his servitude.

Most of the people living in rural areas are illiterate thus spreading education would be a great service to the humanity.

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They can take out people from flood and earthquake-affected areas to safer places. Clarity in tamil language families the. Therefore it is a duty of every human being to stand by his companions in any kind of distress. Text and students until. These are all social service. Also the students can teach people to take care of their health and let them know the advantages of cleanliness, sanitation and usage of toilets. Now the things are changed. They can, on top of all this, advise common people about ways of protecting themselves from terrorism. We have to understand their woes.

Some college students can stay-in villages in groups to teach villagers the languages and advanced agricultural methods. Alarming growth of population is a threat to our national economy.

essay on social service in school

Here girls and boys, coming from poor families, can play with rich students in a friendly atmosphere. Become more negative on every area of social service.

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Social Service Essay In English