Topics to write about in us history

Discuss the Article of Confederation. For example, consider Ben Franklin, a famous early American statesman, diplomat, scientist, and inventor.

american history research paper topics for college students

Why was the Korean War necessary to the United States? Who was Germany's most influential composer? Seeking alternate sources of power Why?

Which cultures originated in the Nile valley? Perhaps your historical essay could focus on a person who was instrumental to the American Revolution.

Following this time, Europe entered a period of Renaissance Humanism.

Us history essay topics

The process of reparations for the Maori people in New Zealand in a rare success story of an ex-British colonial country making up for the discrimination its natives endured. Was the bombing of Hiroshima justified? The top three battles in the Korean War. Presidential line of succession. Discuss the Article of Confederation. Of course, you should always consider writing an integrative history essay. The transition from the 50s to 60s fashion can be explored to show the drastic change in the culture of those years. The unsolved mystery of the lost colony ofRoanoke: discovering the truth. How did the US become a superpower? Causes of the Revolutionary War Period 3 centers on the causes, events, and aftermath of the American Revolution. American Revolution in film rarely receives accurate portrayals. How was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory an example of social injustice? History of architecture during renaissance can show the differences between the eras.

You can generate a good research paper topic for almost any historical, religious, or political figure. How did the US become a superpower?

19th century american history research paper topics

How did Italian Renaissance painters benefit from the art patronage system? The first settlers in America were of Asian origin and were nomadic in nature. Divide this paper into sections by first describing Joan of Arc as a person. US History 1. England was the first nation to industrialize. Here is your friendly reminder to focus on what was going on domestically during the period, especially in the interwar period. His death was tragic. Just keep it narrow and focused. Ask yourself exactly what it is you want to say. Of course, you should always consider writing an integrative history essay.

Your essay could focus on slightly later events, such as the fall of great empires. The next section can discuss how the same energy companies have developed the use of solar power.

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9 Important US History Topics to Learn for APUSH